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Dawn of Ascension FAQ:

What exactly is Dawn of Ascension?

Dawn of Ascension is a new and upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Role­Playing Game (MMORPG) in development by WinterLeaf Entertainment. In it, players will create unique characters that, through a blend of community interaction and dynamic storytelling, determine and shape the future of the world of Itaire.

On what platforms will Dawn of Ascension be launching?

Dawn of Ascension will launch on PC, with future releases on Linux and Mac to follow.

What are a few of the things that will make DoA stand out from other MMORPGs?

With Dawn of Ascension we seek to break current MMO trends and incorporate a number of classic mechanics blended with modern design concepts and technology in order to create a unique MMO experience. Here are a just a few of the features we plan for DoA:

1 - A skill based progression system without level or experience grinding that allows for near limitless customization.

2 - PvP centric player experience with limited safe zones and objective based, factionless, and rewarding battles.

3 - A dynamic quest system with server wide events and opportunity for each server to create its own history.

4 - An extensive backstory offering a rich history and insight into the world of Itaire and its peoples.

Will there be any kind of public testing in the future?

Though Dawn of Ascension is still early in its development, we do hope to incorporate a number of public applicants as we proceed through the alpha and beta stages of the game.

How many playable races will Dawn of Ascension have at launch?

There will be eight races available at launch, which you can check out over at the [Races] page of our main website.

What about the skill system? Could you explain that a little more?

Simply put, progression in Dawn of Ascension is measured by, instead of raw experience points, numeric skill levels. The more a skill is used (such as archery) in conjunction with the difficulty of the task (fighting monsters/players or crafting appropriate to your skill level) the higher the skill will rise. At certain thresholds, a selection of new abilities will be unlocked and through the the combination of different skills and abilities, players will discover new and near limitless ways to experience DoA and combat their enemies.

What tools are being used to develop DoA?

We have recently migrated to the Unreal 4 engine, this serving as our main set of tools. That said, some of our assets, textures and digital concepts are created using a variety of different products due to the remote nature of much of our team.

Any word on system requirements?Are there any plans to support lower end systems?

With the recent migration to Unreal 4, the new minimum specs have not been determined yet. However rest assured we will make every effort to accommodate for lower end systems.