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Dawn of Ascension News

The Environmental Team with Concept Art from Nicholas Mastello

Posted on 5/26/2013 by Paul Yoskowitz in Dawn of Ascension WinterLeaf Entertainment environmental art

WinterLeaf Entertaniment has an AMAZING team of professionals working with us. The list below is everyone that makes up the Environment Team and will all have a hand in creating a colorful, interesting and vibrant world for you to play in.

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The Gauntlet

Posted on 5/21/2013 by Paul Yoskowitz in Dawn of Ascension MMO MMORPG WinterLeaf Entertainment

A little friendly group rivalry is a good thing at times......

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Welcome to the Official “Dawn of Ascension” Blog

Posted on 5/9/2013 by Skye Lyon in DoA Dawn Ascension Welcome Blog

Welcome to the official Dawn of Ascension blog! Here you will find a story that has multiple journeys intertwined from the outlook of game players, web developers, artists, and writers from around the world.

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