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Post SuperCon

Posted on 7/9/2015 by Paul Yoskowitz in Dawn of Ascension WinterLeaf Entertainment Florida SuperCon

This is a write up given to me from Brandon Calvet. He is our lead writer and went to SuperCon to represent Dawn of Ascension!

SuperCon Report:

Hey everyone! For those that didn't know, I was representing WLE and Dawn of Ascension this past weekend at Florida Supercon. The event was the largest of its kind in South Florida and I had a much better turn out compared to Shock Pop Comic Con back in February. Overall I had a great time, got to check out some awesome panels, and meet cool people.

Probably the best development during my time at the booth was being approached by Andru Fratarcangeli, representing He actually recognized DoA and WinterLeaf and we got to talk to at length about it; how far we've come, the nature of the game, and so on. I also got to touch base with Frank Velasquez, the chair for the South Florida chapter of the IGDA (International Game Developers Association). Between these two, they are very interested in our project, and I'll be networking with them, and other devs I met at the con, to expose or 'incubate' DoA as much as possible and I think it would be a great move for the project! They have a lot of events lined up, including Kickstarters, I think we could benefit from.

Brandon Calvet