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Terrain Rendering

Posted on 7/31/2015 by Paul Yoskowitz in Dawn of Ascension MMO MMORPG Unreal Engine 4 human settlement

After months of learning Unreal Engine 4, we are finally ready to show the first rendering of Itaire.

Since we changed engines from OMNI (our version of T3D) to Unreal Engine 4, the last few months have basically been a huge learning curve.

The programmers had to learn Blueprints.

Our artist had to learn the ins, outs and quirks of how UE4 handled things.

I've been making sure that everyone can find the information they need to make their jobs easier.

and Daniel... poor Daniel, our level designer, had to learn basically everything from scratch. Well, after the past few months, we finally have a few screen shots of some work in progress of the terrain of Itaire.

Id like to thank the DoA Crew for all their hard work and dedication for working on Dawn of Ascension. Id also like to thank our followers. We appreciate all the social media support we get from you.

Thank you all!