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Join in the Ascension!

The world of Itaire has been through centuries of turmoil and war. Each race is now trying to rebuild from what remains. Will you be helping in the ascension of your race?

With Dawn of Ascension, we are striving to make sure that the world and the players have a chance to grow together. There is no reason that the town you log into when you begin playing should be the same town you log into years later.

Quests and events will shape and change the world in which not just your character, but everyone else’s character, lives in. Not all quests and events are to be done solo or even in a group. Some quests just take time to do and accomplish. Multiple people over time can get involved and do parts of the quests before it actually gets completed!

Also, some quests aren’t as obvious as they may seem. Tomes, scrolls and libraries may lead you on great adventures of treasure and discovery. Don’t overlook the little things. Not everything can be discovered by the sword.

By helping your race grow and evolve, will unlock new adventures for you to go on!

Make your character….. yours…..

You will choose what skills and abilities that your character can learn. How will you create your character?

The Skill Sets all have certain skills and abilities that the player can choose from to make the character tailored to their play style. Skills you choose will affect how well a character can do certain actions. The equipment you choose will directly affect your abilities and therefore your play style. By doing this, no two characters will be played the same.

This does not mean that the character needs to learn all of them. It also doesn’t mean that the character has to learn them in any particular order either. A character can choose to concentrate on one particular study and then go back later and start learning a different skill or ability.

This is all up to you!

Community, it’s where you live.

Community is often neglected in today’s games. Far too often can the players ignore the “community” they are in due to the amount of solo content. This is something that we wish to change.

Community is the group of people you live and interact with. In a game, it’s the characters that you will interact with while you play. In Dawn of Ascension, we are hoping to create an environment where there will be a large and interactive community. Where character reputation means something inside the game, and maybe a place where you can carve out a bit of legend with your character because of what your character can do.

Dawn of Ascension will try to feed the community by creating reasons for everyone to interact, from buying and selling, finding other people to play with, to casual chatting. The crafting system will needs parts and pieces from other crafters, you may even possibly need to collect rare pieces and find a crafter with a rare recipe to make a piece of armor for you. Other people may have port spells to help you get from place to place quicker and safer. Classes all have different powers and abilities, you may need to have a friend cleric on a “Friends” list to help you out in a deep and dark section of a dungeon. This is all about the community and building up relationships with different people.

This is a MMO. Not a solo game, so why play it that way?