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Crafting & Gathering

The crafting and gathering system allows a player to choose a variety of paths. They can choose from the different crafting skill sets, learn different recipes, learn abilities that will affect objects crafted and be able to make a variety of different things in game. You also have choices from the gathering skill sets and learn abilities that will affect the materials gathered.


Mining allows the character to gather ores from a variety of places. A pick axe must be equipped for the character to mine.
Gem Mining
Gem mining will allow the character to mine raw gems. This will be from its own source and not share a source with ores. Gem miners must equip a gem hammer to use the gathering skills.
Lumberjacks gather raw wood from different trees found throughout the lands. The raw wood must be gathered using an Axe.
Skinners gather hides from animal dens that are dispersed in various less populated areas. Skinners use traps to gather the hides with.
Weavers gather plant fiber, cottons, silks and whatever else can be used to make cloth. They use a shear when gathering their materials.
Herbalists gather the herbs and plants needed for a lot of the potions and poisons made with Alchemy. They use sickles to gather with.


Blacksmiths refine ores and have recipes for a variety of armor and weapons that can be made. They used a Hammer and forge for their craft.
By using an engraving tool and a Jewelers Bench, a jeweler can cut gems and make jewelry that have magical abilities.
Woodworkers change raw wood into usable blocks of wood that they can use for their craft. Woodworkers can make a variety of items using their lathe and chisel, making themselves a very versatile crafting order.
Leatherworkers can make usable hides from the pelts given to them. By using their leatherworking Bench and shears, a good leatherworker can make a variety of items ranging from backpacks to leather armor.
Armed with a needle and a sewing table, a tailor can make raw fibers into bolts of cloth. These bolts can then be made into armor, clothing and an assortment of other items.
Using an Alchemy table and beaker, Alchemist can make a variety of potions for the users to imbibe.