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“…Thrust out into the ocean upon the south coast of the northern continent, Nira, lies the territories of the Trolls. Life in the north can be harsh and none epitomize this better than the Troll, raised in a fiercely competitive culture where a combination of strength, ambition and cunning is essential to survival. The constant fight to survive has made them fierce warriors which has served them well in numerous border disputes, becoming masters of ambush, raids and skirmishing. The constant fight for land holdings over time have pushed them to the sea. Troll pirate ships are the scourge of every ocean, their distinctive vessels cutting a sinister shadow on the horizon…”



“…Hailing from the Vortex mountain ranges that divide the northern continent of Nira, the Dwarven kingdom of Itaire has become well acquainted with hardship. Their ancient capital Siraquorey erupted in an inferno of mythical proportions in the early years of their civilisation, forcing them north where they founded a new home, Strekisha Akhult. It was at this time that the Dwarven clans first met the other sentient races of Itaire, being a self-reliant and withdrawn culture, it has been suspected that no one truly knows how many of their holds and outposts cover the mountains. Possessing great fortitude and ironclad willpower, Dwarven soldiers and warrior priests make formidable adversaries; countless waves of enemies have broken upon a wall of Dwarven shields…” [Learn More]



“…Creatures of ill repute, notorious for their gambling dens, black markets and slave trade, the Goblins reign over the north western coast of Suran. Contentious houses vying and scheming for power in a society seemingly gripped in a torrent of bitter family feuds and treacherous politics. Unrivalled in the use of poison and toxins, the Goblins are assassins of hard earned infamy. Many who have underestimated them have been dispatched by an unexpected spell or well-placed arrow putting an end to their existence, believing a Goblin would only strike while you slept, would be ill advised indeed…”



“…Under the gaze of the Sun God, the agile and deadly warriors of the High Elves expanded out over the lands of Itaire, founding the First Elven Empire. For those under their dominion, their power was absolute. However their fortunes would not last. With the death of the Sun God, the First Elven Empire fell and slowly the borders of the empire fell inwards. Although most of the High Elf territories are now off the coast of the northern continent upon the Old Elven Isle, the sons and daughters of the First Elven Empire still maintain a presence on the mainland. A shadow of its former glory, this shattered empire searches for a new identity amidst this era of change that has set upon Itaire, although there are still those who believe the Sun will rise again…”


Dark Elves

“…Beneath the shadow of Sek, the behemoth volcano, an inferno clad in the armor of a mountain, the broken, former-children of the Sun God, washed ashore after many moons at sea. Through those early years, on their new island home, they were identical to their High Elf brethren from whom they had claimed independence, but freedom does not come without cost; they were a bloodied and beaten people. The barriers of both land and ocean could not hide them from the wrath of a God; in time his vengeance turned upon them once more, he could have taken everything from them, but in the end, he only took from them the light, plunging their world into darkness…” [Learn More]



“…In the southwest, of the southern continent of Suran, hail the stoic marauders of the Orc. Trained in the martial arts from the age of eight and blessed with the natural physique of a soldier, The Orcs possess many of the finest warriors Itaire has to offer. Their armies are the embodiment of regimented discipline and training, being both feared and respected by their enemies. They are surprisingly, a reserved people who place great worth on balance and order, but history tell us this was not always so. They could once again become consumed by a strength feared by both enemy and Orc alike, The Blood Wrath…” [Learn More]



“…Originating from the hills on southern continent of Suran, The Halflings have lived in harmony with their surroundings ever since records began and probably even longer. By nature they are exceptionally sociable creatures, granting them a natural flair for trade and diplomacy. As such, the Halfling people have become one of Itaires more affluent nations. Do not be entirely fooled by their good natured hospitality and jovial temperaments, these are beings who have a reputation for being shrewd and cunning, both in the market place and on the battlefield. Many unsuspecting brigands who prowl the Halfling trade routes have met an untimely end upon the edge of a silent knife, those fortunate enough to survive heed heavy words of warning to would be highway men looking to line their coffers with the Halflings wealth…” [Learn More]



“…In the far north of the world, beyond the mountains of Brannamur you will find the Nine Tribes of Man. Each of these tribes are distinctly individual, be they the The Fer’dosk of the western deserts or the tundra dwelling nomads of the The Mach’nidtoh. The men and women of the northern tribes all possess the physical strength and constitution of a people hardened by their chosen ways of life. Humans are adaptable by nature and as such, have been seen mastering countless skills, proving that the people of The Nine Tribes are worthy opponents on any field…” [Learn More]