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Dwarves are sturdy, loyal, intelligent, strong, and are master craftsmen. It is a testament to their society that there are multiple clans of Dwarves, all masters in what they do. Whether it is the military who proudly protect their home. The Masons, who build, and construct their Kingdom. The Brewers who make ale and drink so good that races from all over come to taste it. And the Priesthood, who guard their sacred treasure, and preach the divine teachings of their god Akhult.

History of the Dwarven Kingdom

If history teaches us one thing about Dwarves, it is that they have a history of enduring hardships after achieving great success.

At one time, the Dwarves were a secluded race. Residing in a small corner of the Vortex mountains. In time, they made a large kingdom for themselves in those mountains. Then, without warning, the mountain Siraquorey erupted, killing many, and destroying their home. Lost, and seemingly without purpose, they trudged north in search of new lands to call home. A sign from Akhult led them to a lake surrounded by mountains. It was here that they made their new home, and it was glorious. Yet it too would not last.

"Only a man who has walked many miles in another's shoes could understand a plight and see it from all angles" - Akhult

The Elves in their desire for conquest soon took on the Dwarves. And though they fought hard, they would soon lose the war. Subjugated, and stripped of many of their cultural beliefs, the Dwarves endured centuries of being little more than slaves and architects to the Elves. They knew though that their day would game. And when it came time to rise up, the Dwarves led the charge against the Sun God, and helped slay him, saving Itaire from the Elven rule.

Free once more, the Dwarves again regrew their kingdom, and now live as one of the proud and dominant races on Itaire. They are not overconfident though, as they realize that one act could take it all away from them once more.

The Dwarves are all about bettering their kingdom. Every Dwarf has a role, and they will be helped to find it.

Strekisha Akhult (Dwarven Capital)

It might not have looked like much at first, a lake surrounded by small plains and mountains, but the Dwarves soon crafted a magnificent capital for themselves. Carved into the mountains, and placed on the plains themselves, Dwarves live happily wherever they wish. Whether it be in houses of stone or wood.

The High-King and The Council also live here. It is they who make sure the kingdom is cared for, and the voices of the people are heard. Yet the most important thing in Strekisha Akhult might just be the Temple of Akhult, the tribute to their god.

The Governing Body

The Dwarves are ruled by a High-King. This Dwarf is one who has been part of the four main Dwarven clans, and has learned all they had to offer. It's intentionally difficult to become a High-King, but once the title is earned, it'll be hard for someone to doubt your ability to rule.

Just under the High-King stands the council. Two representatives from each of the four clans make them up. It is their job to make reports to the High-King to what is happening in the kingdom, and alert him to any discontent amongst the people.

This way of governing has lead to many peaceful times in the Dwarven Kingdom, as both the High-King and the Council do whatever it takes to make sure their fellow Dwarves are happy.

"How do you know when you've made a good brew? When you've made a man broke from drinking it!" - Dwarven brewer


The Dwarves only have one god, Akhult. Said to be kind, wise, yet strong, Akhult has never led his people astray. Even when they were subjugated he assured them they would be free one day. His words of guidance were so revered that the Dwarves wrote them into holy books that they use to teach valuable lesson to all in the kingdom. It was also Akhult who guided the Dwarves to their new home, and gave them a mesmerizing gem to show them that he was still with them. An entire sect of Dwarven culture is dedicating to the lessons of Akhult, and protecting the sacred treasures he bestowed upon them.

The Celestial Realm of Akhult - Makruska Akhulten

Akhult made the Dwarven race within the confines of a mountain, so it's no surprise that the plane Akhult himself resides in is a mountain range itself. Makruska Akulten literally translates to Akhult's Majesty, and it's not hard to see why. The mountains in his realm are gorgeous in every sense of the word. They are formed by earth and rock that literally shines both day and night. It is said that every mountain in the range is made of a different material to show off what the world below exhibits.

Any and all who enter the realm of Makruska Akhulten are allowed to explore to their hearts content, then when they find a place where they wish to settle down, Akhult himself will craft a house for them from the sacred earth. It is then they can do whatever they wish. Whether it's use the numerous materials to make something without the constraint of time, or simply explore and look upon the majesty of the time beyond, there has never been a sorrowful tale told of Akhult's realm, and there doesn't appear to be any indication that will change.