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Halflings at one time were the most peaceful being on the face of Itaire. For years and years they lived in peace, never having to raise arms against anything save for local predators that could be scared off with a scythe. However, certain encounters caused the Halflings to change their ways. Though still peaceful, they're not afraid to take up arms, and show the world exactly what they're made of.

History of the Halfling Nation

The Halflings are a curious race. Peaceful, kind-hearted, and very loyal to their Goddess, they began their lives as peaceful denizens of Itaire. Their govern themselves via a Matriarchy, where the women rule the houses while the men work the fields and tend to the hard labor. Some may see this as a great cause for conflict, yet the Halflings have lived their lives without a single civil war.

It is easy to surmise, that had the other races not found them, the Halflings would still be the farmers they were for so long. Fate though, decided to intervene.

The Elves came to the Halfling shores and a friendship was soon struck. This encounter left the Halflings curious as to what was outside their borders. Regretfully though, they found the Orcs and Goblins. Both races bullied and even kill the Halflings. To the point where extinction was a very likely option.

And day, another race was met, one that wanted to help the Halfling become something much more...

When the Orcs came back to finish the annihilation of the Halflings, they found themselves fighting a different culture. The Halflings were now fierce warriors who had no problem cutting down the powerful Orcs. Word soon spread that the little Halflings were much more than they appeared.

Today, the Halfling Nation still stands tall as a peaceful nation, yet one that is not afraid to defend themselves if necessary. Though their culture is still the same in many ways, things are slowly beginning to change. How these changes will affect both the Halflings and the world at large is still yet unknown...


The capital of the Halfling Nation is Meriticia. Named after their goddess Meritia. The capital is on a plateau, allowing it to be defended from outsiders and predators quite easily. It is also the home to the Queen, and many Halflings. It is customary for festivals to be held here on special occasions, where every Halfling in the nation is welcome.

"We hold the line, we advance the line, we are the line." - Enforcer
"We can more than our mothers want us to be. We have every right to defend our homes like the men do." - Bree, current leader of the Hidden Blade

Governing Body

Halflings are ruled by a Queen, and they have been ever since it was established. Like a traditional monarchy, the role of Queen has been passed down from mother to daughter. In rare cases of the bloodline ceasing, another Halfling female is chosen by the people to rule.

The Queen may rule absolutely, but she cannot make full decisions on her own in some matters. In these cases, she must consult with the heads of the main Halfling houses.

Other than the Queen, the matriarchy of the Halfling Nation allows the main women of each household to rule businesses, organizations, and of course, the family. The only exception is the military, which is the only thing to be ruled by men.


The Halflings only have one deity, a goddess name Meritia. Fair, radiant, beautiful, and loving, Meritia made the Halfling race not out of desire to make life, but because of her love of life. This is also the reason that Halflings don't have an inherent desire to fight, outside of protecting themselves of course. As they, like their goddess, value life above all else.

The Celestial Plabe of Meritia - Alanalis

The realm of the Meritia is one of pure beauty. Many Halflings believe that the reason she stayed with them for so long after creating them was because she wanted them to see the beauty she saw when she was born. Much like the Halfling lands itself, Alanalis has a large plain for the departed to roam. The plain is filled with flowers of every type, and each personally grown by Meritia.

What separates Alanalis from the Halfling Nation is the Tree of Rebirth. A tree so might and tall it is said to go on forever. The tree gives new life to those who reside in it. Common lore states that when Meritia became ill and left the Halflings she went back to the Tree in order to revitalize herself. It is also within the tree that all the departed now live. Each have their home carved into the bark or branches. The tree itself actually allows the homes to grow naturally, so work or injury is caused. Now at full health, Meritia spends all the time she has with those who are in her plain, for each is precious, and all are beloved.