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There are 22 skill sets for each of the players to choose from. Each of these skill sets have 15 combat abilities or spells that players can use to build the character they want. Climb the skill sets that you choose and learn the abilities that will make the character you want to play.

Arcane Skill Sets

By controlling the arcane forces themselves, students of arcana develop a strong general knowledge of the forces of Magic. Mental forces, defenses, and offensive abilities will be at the disposal of the most powerful students.
Harnessing the wild magics themselves, the caster twists the magic to form magical barriers that will either keep their target shielded from harm or allow the target to perform great feats.
  • Shield - Increases all Resist - Arcane and Physical
  • Expanding Mind - Buff that expands the mind of the target increasing their intelligence.
While the mage can cause great damage with the magics they wield, many of the spells can hinder their opponents, making even the largest of opponent much easier to kill.
  • Sap Will - Your targets Endurance slips away
  • AE Snare - Ensnares all of your opponents on all sides of the caster allowing for a quick getaway
Elementalist don’t learn to control the forces of magic; their concern is the forces of the elements themselves. Harnessing earth, wind, fire, and water is at the heart of their power.
An Elemental mage learns the properties of the elements themselves and how they react to magic and physical attacks. A good mage learns how to use those properties to nullify incoming attacks.
  • Elemental Resist - The buffed target gets a bonus to Elemental Resist
  • Elemental Absorbsion - Spell absorbs incoming damage up to a preset amount
The elements are raw power that’s been channeled into their specific properties. Elemental mages learn how to bend these properties and combine them. This allows them to weild the elements with deadly force.
  • Elemental Pulse - Elemental pulses fall all around the caster damaging every enemy within range
  • Elemental Snap - Snaps of elemental magic hit the target causing instantaneous damage
An Illusionist uses the power of their mind to affect the people around them. Empowering the mind of their friends or deluding the mind of their enemies is the power of the Illusionist.
Mind’s Eye
The Illusionist learns to see what’s there by reaching out with their mind and not being limited by the physical realm that they sit in
  • Night Vision - Allows the target to see at night like it was daytime
  • Sense Invisible - Allows the target to see invisible objects
Stronger Illusionists can make their enemies perceive the world as they want them to. This is not forcing your opponent to do an action, but tricking them into thinking that the world is actually different than what it is.
  • Invisibility - Target can move unseen by both enemies and allies alike.
  • Fear - Fear clouds the targets mind causing them to run away aimlessly
Students of domination use the power of their will to force themselves upon others. While they cannot kill another with this power, their power of control over others is otherwise absolute.
True students of Domination understand the broad meaning of the term “charm”. They don’t bat their eyes to persuade their target to do their bidding, they force their will upon them, making them do a wide variety of tasks.
  • Sleep - The target falls into a deep sleep and falls to the ground.
  • Mesmerize - By mesmerizing the target they lose their will to fight, defend or cast.
Mental Fortitude
As a student of Domination can take control of a mind, they also have the ability to make the mind affect the body by changing its reality.
  • Will to Live - By invoking the caster's will to live his mana is converted into health.
  • Meditate - Increases the meditation rate of the target

Armor Skill Sets

Light Armor
By learning this skill, it will allow the character to use the protective abilities that clothes, silks, and types of padded armor can bestow upon their wearers.
Agile Defense
People are aware that cloth isn’t proper armor. People that wear cloth rely on their ability to avoid incoming damage, not stand there and take it.
  • Sway - Self buff that gives the character the ability to avoid melee weapons
  • Agile Avoidance - Self buff that increases the characters physical resists
Quick Movement
The one thing to say cloth allows for – unhindered movement. If a quick get-a-way is your choice of defense, cloth armor is a good choice.
  • Covert Movement - Self buff that increases the characters stealth abilities.
  • Fleet Foot - Self buff that gives the character the ability to move faster
Medium Armor
By learning this skill, it will allow the character to use the protective abilities that leather and chain can bestow upon their wearers.
Second Skin
For those that wear medium armor, it’s their second skin. They learn how to make the most out of the armor that they are wearing.
  • Braced Armor - Self buff that buffs the Physical Resists of the player's armor.
  • Well Fitted Armor - Self buff that increases the characters physical attack speed.
Good medium armor moves with the wearer. Its not a hindrance. Wearers learn this and can move as if they are unhindered.
  • Furtive Movement - Self buff that increases the players stealth ability.
  • Quick Feet - Self buff that increases the speed of the player's movement.
Heavy Armor
By learning this skill, it will allow the character to use the protective abilities that scale and plate can bestow upon their wearers.
Hardened Resist
Warriors that wear heavy armor know that their job is to be the unmovable wall. They stand and take the punishment and live as long as they can.
  • Durable Armor - A self buff that reduces the damage the armor takes.
  • Locked Armor - Self buff that Increases ALL resists.
Armored Insight
A good warrior learns how their armor works. They learn more than how to just take damage, but have learned how to work with their armor to physically enhance themselves.
  • Iron Stamina - The character gains the ability to burn less endurance while running.
  • Immovable - When activated the character gains the ability to resist any knockback.
By learning this skill, it will allow the character to use the abilities that shields can bestow upon their users.
The first use of the shield – Protect Thyself. Learning how to use the shield will actually enhance the ability in doing that.
  • Shield man - Once cast the shields basic resists are increased
  • Shield Master - Increases the chance for the shield to mitigate all incoming damage.
Those that go above and beyond learning how to use the shield to save themselves, can also learn how to use the shield to cover and protect others. At that point, the shield bearer becomes a fortress unto himself.
  • Cover - Anyone standing behind the caster is buffed with resists
  • Under Cover - Allows a caster to use shield skill as a buff for all caster's in the area.

Spiritual Skill Sets

Spirit Weaving
In the world of the Divine and gods, spirits and the dead play a part as well. The spirit weavers have learned how to both communicate and control these forces.
The Living Dead
When learning about the dead, some casters choose to learn the powers of the dead themselves.
  • Undead Appetite - By feeding on the remains of corpses the caster begins to heal
  • Dead Eyes - Allows the caster to see in the dark as well as see any and all invisible creatures.
Death and Disease
Death and disease, two traits that the dead all share. These casters harness the power for themselves to twist into power that they can weild against their enemies.
  • Rigor Mortis - The target appears to be in rigor mortis.
  • Wurms - Wurms begin to eat the target causing damage over time.
Druids have learned the ways of nature, animals, and how to harness their strengths and abilities. While their power relies on their ties to nature, it’s said that the greatest Druids become part of nature itself.
Natures Blessing
Druids learn about nature. Not just the animals and their nature, but how to commune with nature and become a part of it.
  • Thorns - Damage Shield – Piercing
  • Regeneration - HP Regeneration
Animal Self
Druids specialty is the animals themselves. They learn how to tap into nature itself and harness the powers that the animals possess.
  • Poisonous Sting - Nature DD + Nature DoT
  • Bugs - Bugs feast upon the target's flesh causing damage over time.
Where Druids deal with nature and the power of animals, Shamans worship the greater spirits and the totems of the animals themselves. The prayers and songs they sing summon the spirits themselves to possess the Shamans and bring them closer to the animals they worship.
Spirits Gifts
Greater spirits are the spirits of nature itself. They will answer the calling of a shaman by bestowing a small piece of themselves for the shaman to use.
  • Summers Heat - The summers heat causes all actions of the target to cost extra endurance.
  • Spirit Touch - Self End to Mana Conversion
Guardian Spirits
Guardian spirits are the totem spirits. These spirits have a special gift that they can give to the shaman that will make the shaman a part of the spirit itself.
  • Gazelle Movement – This spirit gift gives the target increased movement speed.
  • Bears Strength - The strength of a bear is casted on the target.
The Clergy that study the Divine word are those that wish to know the gods themselves. Their powers are directly from the gods, using their strengths and god’s favor to carry them through battle.
The Gods Blessing
Channeling the power of the gods, a priest can pass on the gods blessing to the people around them.
  • Gods Insight - Through the insight of the God's the target's wisdom is increased
  • Faithful Touch - With the faithful touch of the Gods your target is healed.
The Right Hand of the Gods
Just as easily that a priest can bless their friends, they also have the ability to strike down their foes by channeling the anger of the gods.
  • Repulse - You repulse your enemies knocking everyone within range away from you.
  • Blessed Weapon - The Gods have blessed your weapon allowing it to strike with divinity.

Stealth Skill Sets

There are those that do not wish to fight head on, but instead prefer using shadows and guile to fight. These people, the assassins and cut throats, use these abilities to make quick work of their opponents.
Dirty Fighting
While fighting with weapons and killing your opponent is great. However, the ability to cripple and maim your opponent definitely has an important place in fighting…. And with avoiding a fight.
  • Dirt - Throwing dirt on your target debuffs their ability to land a hit or cast a spell.
  • Eye Jab - Jabbing your enemies eye causes blindness
Sneak Attack
Students of Sneak will use what they can to their advantage. This does include some more… questionable combat techniques.
  • Armor chink - This debuff places a chink in your enemies armor lowering their physical resists.
  • Wrist slice – This attack causes damage and lowers the chance that your enemy can hit you.
While armor is great when taking a blow, there are times when avoiding the blow is even better. The students of this art form learn how to avoid the blows, and some even learn how to avoid detection so to avoid combat all together.
Those who learn Evasion don’t always like to fight. They sometimes prefer to use distraction techniques to go around their opponent.
  • Trip - Knock your opponent down making them unable to attack until they stand back up.
  • Camouflage - As long as you do not move your enemies will not see you.
If all else fails, and if you cant go around or out run your opponent, you need the ability to avoid the damage from attacks as it comes in.
  • Weave - As you begin to weave around your enemies blows your dodge type stats are buffed.
  • Duck and Run - A bonus to your dexterity and an increase in your run speeed.

Weapon Skill Sets

By learning this skill, it will allow the character to use combat abilities while using the sword.
Power Strike
The sword is the starting weapons for many warriors. Their training includes many ways to cleave through and do massive damage to their opponents.
  • Snap Shot - Snap shot gives bonus weapon damage.
  • Rend - You rend your opponents armor lowering all of their physical resists.
By learning this skill, it will allow the character to use combat abilities while using the dagger.
Quick Strike
Favored by smaller and quicker people, the dagger is known for its quick and furtive strikes.
  • Double strike - Double strike gives you a chance for an extra attack on your opponent.
  • Rapid Strike - Your weapon rapidly strikes your target faster than ever before.
By learning this skill, it will allow the character to use combat abilities while using the mace.
Crushing Blow
Learning how to use a mace allows the wielder to do massive amounts of damage to their opponents.
  • Crushing Strike - You get a bonus to damage when you deliver a crushing strike to your enemy.
  • Stunning Strike - You stun your opponent with a stunning strike causing blunt damage.
Two Handed Sword
By learning this skill, it will allow the character to use combat abilities while using the two handed sword.
Sweeping Strike
When wielding a 6 foot sword, one of the many strikes that possible is a sweeping strike. Besides utterly destroying the opponent, these attacks can hit multiple opponents at once.
  • Wild Swing – The wielder can crush any weapon being held by an enemy within your range.
  • Sweep - By sweeping the area around you your enemies become stunned and take damage.
By learning this skill, it will allow the character to use combat abilities while using the bow and crossbow.
Bow Strike
The arrow strikes are variable. Each can have a special effect that does its own type of damage.
  • Ankle shot - An ankle show snares your target and causes additional damage.
  • Quick Shot - Using Quick shot lowers your weapon delay
Throwing Dagger
By learning this skill, it will allow the character to use combat abilities while using the throwing dagger.
Bulls Eye
Much like the dagger, the throwing dagger is small and versatile. It allows for many different types of attacks, each having its own effect.
  • Deadly Intent - Throwing your dagger with deadly intent adds a bonus to the hit
  • Penetrating Shot - With a penetrating shot your weapon's damage is increased dangerously.
By learning this skill, it will allow the character to use combat abilities while using unarmed combat.
Open Handed Strikes
Much considered a “last ditch effort”, someone trained in open handed strikes has a wide variety of attacks that they can use.
  • Combo - Using a combo attack you get a chance for an extra attack
  • Body Check - When you body check your enemy you knock them down

Casting Item Skill Sets

Casting Item
By learning this skill, it will allow the character to use combat abilities while using casting items.
Casting Knowledge
Truly knowing to cast magic, isn’t just the magic itself, its also knowing the tools of the trade.
  • Casting Refresh Mod - Self buff that decreases the reset rate for casting refresh timers.
  • Casting item mana conservation - Self buff that modifies mana cost when using a casting item.